1. Landscape & Architecture

          Fakulta architektury ČVUT, Thákurova 9, 166 34 Praha 6 - Dejvice
          Místnost 651
          Pondělí MO 14:15 - 17:30
          Čtvrtek THU 14:15 - 17:30
        2. Ateliérová zadání


          1. ATU
          2. ATVZ
          3. ATRN
          4. ATV
          5. 500ATU
          6. 500ATVZ
          7. 500ATRN
          8. 500ATV
          Komunikačním jazykem v atelieru je i pro české studenty angličtina. Zásadní přitom není perfektní ovládání jazyka, ale vůle to zkusit a procvičit si jazyk, domluvit se. Pak se to vždycky podaří
        3. Vedoucí

          Henry W. A. Hanson IV, RA RLA LEED AP


          Design Methodology
          We are convinced that initially everyone has to go through a design process that is clearly structured into individual phases so that they fully understand their meaning and experience them. In our studio the student will acquire the following skills related to the proposal:
          Ask the right questions to answer - define what data to be gained - know how to interpret them and create information - create a vision that answers questions - design ideally powerful concept that fulfills the vision - to complete the concept in a detailed design and not to abandon the concept or to prevent life - to present the results of its work, including the ideological background.

          Quality work is a task for a team, not an individual. The resulting design is as good as the team can work together and take advantage of all its members. In our studio, the analytical part is processed in the team and, if possible, the design part of the project.

          Emphasis on future users
          The key measure of project quality is what will bring it to future users. That is why we pay attention to them - what needs and demands they perceive and use public spaces.

          Workshops and excursions
          Part of the work is an inspirational excursion after foreign examples (Berlin) and a two-day workshop.

          Typical tasks
          Urbanism at the border of the city and free landscapes
          Parks and public spaces
          Natural elements in the urban organism
          Landscape Planning on a Regional Scale Planning or Planning
          Plan Based on the Task of Previous Semesters (AT RN)

          Teaching is also available for Czech students in English.

        5. Asistenti

          Mikael Ekegren (Guest Instructor)

            1. 01/01

            ATU Letní Semestr 2018

          1. ATV studio ZS /winter/ 2014-2015

            1. Urban Ecosystems of Czech Towns

            Urban Ecosystems of Czech Towns

          2. ATU studio ZS /winter/ 2014-2015

          3. Letní semestr 2014 v ateliéru bude probíhat/ summer semester studio:

          4. V zimním semestru 2013 v atelieru:

            1. 01/02

            V letním semestru 2013 v atelieru probíhalo

          5. V zimním semestru 2012 v našem atelieru probíhalo



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